After concluding my Sacred Geometry exhibition of the Standing Stones of the Scottish Isles at Photospace and Carter Observatory they have now come home to rest and they would now be most happy to see prospective buyers who wish to view them. These images are of powerful megaliths that are over 5000 years old and would make a handsome statement on your wall !


I have put a range of photos of gorgeous babies and their families around the walls of the great local baby shop Infantesimal in Island Bay. You should have a look!


Sadly I Lost my companion of five and a half years, my staunch tabby cat Tiber this April. Isn’t it just as well that we record the memories of our pets to look back on.

Jo February update…

There are now some interesting new images of the standing stones in the Scottish Isles up on the travel page. Daylight in the Scottish winter was limited from 9am to 3pm so a lot of these images were taken at sunrise and sunset… in varying weather conditions. Sometimes when we got back for breakfast it took a good half an hour for our hands to thaw out, as the temperature was often well below freezing. However, the beautiful light that these conditions presented us with made our frozen fingers well worth it.


Jo in the snow!

After a wondrous but rather savage time weather wise in the isles of Scotland, I return home to gorgeous warm Wellington weather.

Heading off to Orkney Islands

Come the warmth of our New Zealand summer, I will be heading off cameras packed to the  Orkney Isles in the middle of their snowy winter!

I’ll put up more information in the next day or so.



New Website

After much uploading, decisions, and driving Shane nuts, I now have my brand new website up!!


Woo hoo!!!!

Welcome to Jo’s new blog.

This is soon to be the news and updates section of Jo’s website.